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Ten Policies for a Post-Carbon World

1. New Zealand to be a model country to inspire the world, reducing its emissions to zero by 3035.

2. New Zealand to follow a prescribed reduction path, cutting emissions by 2.8 million tonnes of CO2e gross year on year.

3.This will be incentivised by a carbon tax of $100 a tonne on all emissions.

4. The reduction burden is to be shared equally by each economic sector in proportion to its current emissions.

5. Local Councils and Citizens will be encouraged to achieve community and individual carbon footprints no greater than the present world average per-person footprint.

6. Population to remain static.

7. Reforestation to be increased on publicly-owned land by 46,000 hectares each year until 2035.

8. A Universal Citizen’s Income of $2,000 will be introduced for every person 18+, received on top of any current benefit and funded by a progressive property tax, gradually increasing from an initial 0.5% up to the level which would be financially neutral for two people living in the NZ median value house.

9. The UCI will later increase further, funded by a capital gains tax and a progressive wealth tax on other assets such as stocks and bonds. The UCI will only be earned by those citizens who vote in national elections, and who complete National Forest Service within a reasonable time.

10. A wellbeing index will be introduced alongside GDP as a measure of the economic and social health of New Zealand.

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