Climate First

The pathway to a post-carbon world

This was our original logo

The logo represents the most fundamental idea behind Climate First; that New Zealand, to do its fair share for world emissions reductions, must prescribe an exact year-by-year emissions reduction pathway, which is the diagonal line in the logo.. The green rhomboid represents the period from 2035 to 2050 when NZ must have negative net emissions in order to make up for our budget overshoot from 2024 to 2035, which is the red triangle. This means that between 2035 and 2050, NZ's trees will  remove more  greenhouse gases from the atmosphere than our human activities release.

Climate First in 78 Words

Climate First is an unregistered political party in Aotearoa/New Zealand, running a candidate in the Auckland Central electorate. As our name suggests, our reason for being is to develop policies in New Zealand, which if applied worldwide would prevent climate change worldwide. The most important of these is to exactly define a year-by-year emissions reduction pathway for NZ through to 2050. This will enable people to fully face the magnitude of the emissions reduction task ahead of us.